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This website is dedicated in Leo's memory to supporting and exploring Navajo Values through weaving the Traditional Navajo Way

   Leo Natani was a respected former member of the Navajo Tribal Council and Shiprock Judicial District Court Navajo Peacekeeper Liaison for many years, dedicated to preserving the Navajo Legends and Cultural Values for children of the Navajo Nation.  As an Elder, Leo was a Traditional Consultant with the U.S. Public Service Hospital.  Read the Ashtl'o Guild Newsletter, Summer. 2006 in memory of Leo Natani


Sarah's Gift is a very special book by Lora Rinke which documents Sarah's impact and influence on weavers' lives, their weavings and stories, of 30 weavers who participated in over 25 years of Sarah Natani's workshops.

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Sarah Natani is an accomplished, acclaimed weaver and teacher of weaving the Traditional Navajo Way, and also an artist working in silver and clay. Sarah teaches at Dine College, Shiprock, N.M., leads workshops at Tablemesa, N.M., and for many years has travelled throughout the United States, even Europe, giving demonstrations, teaching workshops, and sharing Navajo cultural values. Leo Natani was an essential person in their venture

TahNibaa Naataanii, Sarah's daughter, is weaving and teaching workshops with Sarah. Her rugs and tapestries are recognized at such shows as the Heard Museum Fair, Northern Pueblo Arts and Craft Fair, the Gallup Intertribal Ceremonial, and the Santa Fe Fiber Art Show where she has won several awards. 

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Read Leo Natani's expression of K'é
to restore Peace and Harmony

Read about Leo Natani's participation in the "Wisdom of the Elders" roundtable at the American Public Health Association conference in Washington D.C. on November 9, 2004.

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Navajo Cultural History and Legends

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TahNibaa Naataanii received 2nd Place for her "Third Phase Chief's Blanket" in Division A, Traditional Rugs, and a 1st Place for her "Mother Earth Shawl" in Division D, Traditonal Attire.

This was at the 50th Annual Indian Fair & Market at the Heard Museum on March 1 & 2, 2008.

http://www.heardguild.org/ best-of-show-dinner/textile.aspx

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See Navajo Weaver Clara Sherman carding and spinning

See video clip from "Miss Navajo"


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