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Sarah Natani

Diné bí' íína' (DBI), which means "Navajo lifeways,":
Sarah Natani holding a newborn lamb, Table Mesa, near Shiprock, New Mexico

Diné bí' íína' (DBI), which means "Navajo lifeways,":
Sarah Natani weaving, Table Mesa, near Shiprock, New Mexico

Educator's Guide: Indivisible
Two photographs of Sarah Natani, corral and hogan

Pulse of the Planet archive:
Sarah Natani is also a Navajo weaver. She speaks of her kinship with her craft.
"When I was learning how to weave my mom had told me about weaving."

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Navajo Indian weaver Sarah Natani working on a rug

UNCA Campus News -- Official News Release:
Traditional Navajos Leo and Sarah Natani will discuss "The Navajo Way of Life" at noon
Tuesday, Nov. 21, in UNCA's Laurel Forum. Sarah Natani, an internationally acclaimed weaver,
will demonstrate traditional Navajo weaving.

Student Puzzles: Photography, Indivisible: Stories of an American Community.
The picture displays an interior of Sarah and Leo Natani's home. In the center of the room are many rugs...

Navajo Times Sunnyside Home: By Nathan J. Tohtsoni The Navajo Times. TSAILE, Ariz.
Sara Natani, 64, remembers carding wool, mixing clay for pottery and herding sheep as a young woman.

Indivisible - Lesson: Making Documentary PhotographsIndivisible
Sarah Natani in her sheep corral, Table Mesa near Shiprock, New Mexico
Incorporated color coupler print by Lucy Capehart 1999. ...

Indigenous Weaving Instruction Page:
Sarah Natani,DinÈ, 7/8-7/13, 2001 11/11-16,2001, $275 plus materials, looms ...

Urban Eagle Designs - gallery two:
Ode to Sarah Natani Vest -=- This vest was inspired by a vest that was woven by well known
Navajo weaver Sarah Natani for her husband


Leo Natani

Leo Natani's Photo Album
Welcome to my photo album. Check out the latest pics!

Leo Natani's Photo Album
MSN Home, My MSN, Hotmail, Search, Shopping, Money, People & Chat, Sign in with your
.NET Passport. go to MSN.com, Click Here! ... Leo Natani's Photo Album. Click Here! ...

Indivisible - Navajo Lifeways
... Interior of Sarah and Leo Natani's hogan, with rugs woven by Sarah Incorporated color
coupler print Lucy Capehart 1999, Sarah Natani in her sheep corral, Table ...

NMAI: Film & Video: 2000 Film & Video Festival - November 16, ...
... Father: Curtis Ray Benally, Mother: Cecelia James, Grandmother: Mitzi Begay,
Grandfather: Leo Natani, Son: Nelson Tsosie, Daughter: Everita Hostee Nez. ...

Lodestar: Navajo Peacemaking - agenda
... Process: Experiential Workshop Location: Osborn Site Room 102: Alfred Dennison
Director, Navajo Peacemaker Project Leo Natani Peacemaker, Navajo Nation. ...

[PDF] indivisible.org
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
... food. And then, it's also part of our spiritual life. Leo Natani is a shepherd and
a former tribal councilman. Well, I think the way I understood it from my ...

Student Puzzles
... Photography, Indivisible: Stories of an American Community. The picture displays
an interior of Sarah and Leo Natani's home. In the center of the room are many ...

TahNibaa Natani

IARC- Navajo Weavers Convocation- Naat'aanii
... TahNibaa Naat'aanii. Navajo Weaving. TahNibaa Naat'aanii
was born to the Hooghan L·nÌ (Many Hogans ...

What's New?- IARC Convocation- Navajo Weaving
... Hardy, Sand Springs, Crystal, New Mexico Kalley Keams Lucero, Glendale, Arizona TahNibaa
Naat'aanii, Table Mesa, New Mexico Barbara Jean Teller Ornelas, Tucson ...

ArtNewMexico - Fiber Arts Festival - Participating Artists
... Rugs. N. Elsie Natan Ramah Navajo Weavers Association
Rugs. Leona Tahnibaa "Aglohiigiih" Natani Rugs. ...

... Elsie Natan (Navajo) RAMAH NAVAJO WEAVERS ASSOCIATION Weavings Booth #129. Leona
Tahnibaa "Aglohiigiih" Natani (Navajo) Weavings Booth #119 I am the weaver who ...

Gallup Independent 10-06-01
... as they serve their DinÈ people. "I bless you with it," Jackson said. TahNibaa
Leona Naataanii, who held the crown in 1992-93, traveled the world later as a ...

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