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K'é is to restore Peace and Harmony within one's self, as husband and wife, a family unit, within an immediate clan, as a neighbor, friend or within a community. See a Peace and Harmony chart (below.)

K'é is the foundation of Peace and Harmony, and should be used and practiced in our daily lives and activities. K'é as taught to those that were raised traditionally has many meanings. K'é if applied daily in our activities, could ease our minds, reinforce our respect and communication with those that cross our paths with Native Americans or Non-Native Americans.

Because our elders taught and used K'é as a way of life, they were able to communicate, and accomplish whatever endeavors that challenged them. Through communication with one another, they formed a group "UNITY" and a nation of Native Americans and called themselves "Dineh" (The People).

Although there were no financial or revenue available, they were able to survive and get along with one another, because their minds were at Peace within them and with those fellow beings and the Universe around them. From Peace of mind come many other Dineh Traditional values, i.e. Identity, Religion, Language, culture, Arts, Ceremonial rites, etc.

Our traditional oral history is traditional education for our children. The important values are taught through our Dineh Language, it has meaning and has been respected by all who heard the teachings.

Today it is becoming all apparent that some of these teachings are not being taught or handed down to many of our people especially our youth. Our values are being eroded and our UNITY may be at stake. We may be losing the values that United us.

Our future can be just as prosperous as was in our past, we should teach one another our original values through K'é !

Leo Natani

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November 2002