Photographs of participants in Sarah Natani's Navajo Weaving
Workshops at Table Mesa, New Mexico

Workshop weavers warp very, very carefully
in the morning sun

Sarah stretches/drafts a length of yarn while
demonstrating carding and spinning with a
Navajo spindle

Sarah prepares to dye by tearing leaves of a tree
brought to her by an out-of-state participant

Toni helps Sarah remove skeins of dyed wool

Marlon starts a fire, Jim hides behind the smoke stack, Becky prepares a butchered goat for a BBQ

Communal dinner prepared by Hannelore and
Kathleen is served in the Natani Quonset hut

Sarah tells stories while weavers work in the shade

Sarah demonstrates weaving techniques to her
students on a sample weaving. Sarah always
starts and finishes one during her workshops.