Bruce C. Belknap's Weaving Photographs

See other photos of Bruce demonstrating spinning and weaving at Monte Vista.

Woven as a gift for the Penn family.

Photo during a demonstration of Navajo weaving at Monte Vista Elementary School in Monterey.


Commercial yarn purchased from Living Designs.


Weaving in Del Monte Forest continues at the weaving line toward the middle of a 60" long tapestry using a "down and under the pipe" warping technique... circa 1978.

At the request of the California Academy of Science's Anthropology Department some years ago, Bruce adapted a traditional design for a saddle blanket and wove this specific tapestry for display in the Wattis Hall of Man, weaving up to the present weaving line with these Navajo hand-made tools. The wool yarn in the basket is waiting to finish the weaving at any time.

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Woven as a gift for Joe Guzaitis from Navajo spun Churro wool.

Woven in a Crystal design from New Zeland wool hand dyed by Pati and handspun on a Navajo spindle by Bruce

Woven as a gift for Don Roberts, Pati's father.
Lopi yarn was unravelled from a partially woven sweater.

This blanket was designed as a man's wearing blanket so when wrapped around, a new pattern is perceived (see insets.)

Woven as a gift in 1976 for Pati Belknap upon earning her B.A. in Fine Arts from Goddard College (Vermont) during a special External Adult Degree Residency Program held in Monterey, CA.
Yarn was spun and dyed by Inez Miller in her home in Kayenta, AZ and traded to Bruce for all of his Travelers Cheques.

Woven as a gift for Irene Roberts, Pati's mother.

Commercial yarn has colors of blue water, white foam and grey granite rocks along our coastline.



Woven as a gift for Florence Belknap, Bruce's mother.

Wool weft is personally handspun with Navajo spindle and dyed with plant flowers and leaves found around our home. Design images are in the shape of hoof prints from deer in our yard.

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