Barbara Roizen

We owned a ranch in the So. Eastern part of Idaho, the tri-state area of Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, 90 miles north of the original J.C. Penneys in Kemerer, Wyoming and about the same distance south of the wonderful Grand Tetons and the Snake River. In the late 70's and early 80's we would travel to the ranch for the summer. I heard an advertisement on local radio, in the summer of '89, for pasture and housing facilities wanted for Navajo/Churro sheep by USU in Logan, Utah.

At that time we had already started our Border Cheviot flock in '87. Late that summer of '89 we went to our first wool show in Monterey at the fair. It so happened that the rare breed organization was having their meeting and display. We had the opportunity to observe our first sighting of the Navajo/Churro. As we watched the auction that was taking place before our eyes and giving each other the elbow , we ended up successfully bidding on and buying three beautiful Navajo/Churro sheep, knowing basically nothing about them. But it was truly love at first sight! We have been breeding and acquiring since that time. We have lines from Washington, Oregon, Utah, USU, and California. Also, one of our three original N/C's, Bolita, is still here on the ranch waiting, as you read this, for her new lambs to be born. We now have a N/C population of 28 waiting ewes, various rams of different ages and last years ewe lamb crop numbering 14. It has been a pure pleasure through the years, but I'm truly hopping Peanut doesn't keep me up all night again this year.