October 26 - 30: Black Forest, Colorado

Navajo Weaving Workshop
with Sarah Natani

PLEASE NOTE: The Trinidad Workshop Oct 26-30, 2009 previously advertised has moved to Black Forest, Colorado. The workshop will be held in the beautiful classroom facility at Table Rock Llamas Fiber Arts Studio, 6520 Shoup Rd, Black Forest, Colorado ( only a few short miles east of Colorado Springs).

Learn the art of Navajo Weaving from Master Navajo Weaver Sarah H. Natani, of Table Mesa, New Mexico. Weave in Beauty while Celebrating the Traditions and Stories of Navajo Culture.

Sarah Natani is an internationally recognized traditional Navajo weaver, who has taught her weaving traditions world wide.

Please see the Five Day Weekly Syllabus.

Weavers who participate in this unique workshop will hear traditional Navajo Weaving Stories told by Sarah Natani, experience Sarah’s account of the intertwined history of sheep and weaving in the Navajo culture, learn about native plant dyes, card and spin wool, and learn to warp and weave in the Navajo Way. Weavers will (weather permitting) take a local field trip with Sarah to collect plants for dyeing, and dye wool in the studio.

Lab/Materials fee:
October 26 - 30, 2009
$200 due by September 21, 2009
$45 or $95 depending on your needs.  Please see the Lab Fee List.
Looms will be available for rent

No refunds past September 31. The remainder of the workshop fee ($150), lab fee and loom rental (if needed) is payable to Sarah Natani on the first day of the workshop.

Space is limited. Make your workshop reservations as soon as possible. For registration and further information,please contact volunteer cordinator: Debra Greer, (719) 499-3874 or deb.j.greer@gmail.com for late reservations. Please see the Registration Form before calling Deb.

Please join us in Black Forest, Colorado and learn to Weave in Beauty.  It will be an experiience your heart will never forget.

More details about this workshop

Registration Form, two pages   (pdf)
Weekly Syllabus of the five day schedule, two pages   (pdf)
Items included in Lab Fee and Materials List   (pdf)

Additional resources and references (External Links)
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    • Sarah Natani and NavajoValues